Selfless Selfies.

Facevibes™ for my gal @nikkilounoel. The things I do for my friends. SO to Meitu for the warm filter love. Also, it's time for private lists, @list!
  1. hey gal vibes
  2. say whattttt? vibes
  3. Ugh vibes
  4. Big love vibes
  5. That's woeful vibes
    In direct response to that kiss selfie
  6. Never give up vibes
    Or do! My classic Elvis lip rise evident! 🙈
  7. Never take yourself too seriously vibes
  8. Point in case vibes
    This is me pinning you and giving you a typewriter torture!!
  9. Don't start that bullshit with me vibes
  10. You make me so happy vibes
  11. gangsta vibes
    I try so hard!
  12. Tell those churlish bitches to go fuck themselves vibes
    I am a VERY protective friend.
  13. but really I'm just a gal who loves her friends. Big love, chica 💜