Semester 1: Second Year: Mid-Sem Update

For my first list on this: Semester 1, Second Year: Update.
  1. Recap: 2nd year, 1st semester of (double) Psychology (with a long term goal of a masters/phd combo)
    (And thanks to @bjnovak I will forever think my double major nullifies itself! Thanks for that!)
  2. So!.. whoa, what a semester so far. Normally the brain strain eases off around the 3/4th week of semester. It hasn't. Then again, I'm tackling extracurricular mental strain.
    The reading this semester is off the richter and I am slowly learning that this is my life now! Starting to get good at skimming lab reports but still need to get better at skimming essays.
  3. School: great, overall, I am loving my major's units (Stats, Cognitive + Dev Psych) and enjoying (though it can feel a bit of a hassle) my Anthro unit. Some of the skills required to thrive in Academia-Land are finally being grasped.
    I am averaging 75-80% so far and this is exactly the base of where I need to be long term, so I'm happy enough.
  4. Self Care: everything else in my life is requiring extra care and attention and I am giving it what it needs. Sorry for some of my more emo list this year and thank you for your love + support, list-fam. My proactivity involves: running, yoga, meditation and therapy.
  5. Earning: my Airbnb is going so well! Not well enough to see me in the US in July, sadly, yet I am pushing that goal to Nov/Dec after year end exams. I am loving the freedom this offers and that it doesn't impact on my studies.
  6. Up next: Cognitive Lab Report which I fully got my head around today (due: 11 May), Development Essay (due: 15 May) and a Stat Lab on the 29th. Then, EXAMS!
  7. You know, it's going to be a labour-intensive 6 weeks, but you know, I think I might have this! I feel confident. It's a fucking nice place to be!
  8. Where would we be without the support of our friends?! A little shout out to my boos that I love.
    @DawnCloud @Lisa_Fav @LeahG (and @jpbateson in my other chat!) - I just want you ladies to know that you mean the world to me x