Ok, I'm like the league before semi-pro, but dress for the position you want, I say. Here are some tips for a great TLA (yep, that's The List App) experience.
  1. Numbers: let's talk quantities for a second!
    In the beginning it can be really hard to build a following (even with the great help from TLA HQ). If numbers matter to you, i.e., you want your lists read and appreciated (liked) you will need to start interacting!
  2. Interaction: elevate your experience.
    Making new friends can be hard! True, but the only way to do it is dive on in. Like, relist and comment (respectfully, don't be a douche-bag) and most of all BE YOURSELF. The more you branch out, comment + like, the more you'll elevate your enjoyment of being in this cool little community.
  3. Take a break
    TLA can be intimidating. TLA can be all-consuming. I've felt both. Sometimes you need to take a mini-hiatus from the app. That's cool. Please come back though.
  4. Use the resources
    Get to know the tips and tricks of using this app. Maybe request a list from someone on how to better use TLA. Also, the prompts are a great resource too.. these days, sign up to @semioccasional ☺️
  5. Be creatively you
    There are many awesome people on here. It's hard to not want to *be* them sometimes. Resist the urge. We want you. We want your creativity. Your uniqueness. What can you teach us?
  6. Reality
    Not everyone will like you, that's ok. Not every list is going to be *the one*! That's more than ok! Drop the expectations and just let the good times roll! Let TLA love you 💋
  7. Any questions?
    I'm here to help x