silver lining.

🌈 #loveislove
  1. What disturbs me the most about this recent hate crime.
  2. Is the fear and potential shame that 'yet to express' gay children and teens may experience from it.
  3. Those who are only just discovering their sexuality.
  4. And being 'told' by the actions of vitriolic hatred that 'they are not ok'.
  5. It hurts my heart in ways I cannot describe.
  6. This potential for repression in an era of global liberation is so very damaging.
  7. The silver lining is that we have a choice. We can make their sexuality 'ok'. The actions of one holds no weight to the reassurance of millions.
  8. Our gay children need to know that their sexuality is perfectly normal. Always, and especially now.
  9. Our straight children need to know that their sexuality is perfectly normal. Yet, they also need to know that their sexuality is not the only normal.
  10. Now is the time we can reverse the damage our children are witnessing. We must instill in them positive values that will give them self-worth and respect, and non-judgement of others.
  11. If for whatever religious or cultural beliefs you have that may have you believe otherwise, that's ok, just please respect the differences in others. They have a different deity that they 'answer' to.
  12. This list has two simple requests: please exercise non-judgement and love.
  13. ❤️💛💚💙💜
  14. ...this list is not an argument, so if you want that, I respectfully request you look for another list. I won't be entering into commentary that isn't aligned with the two requests.