Stuff I'd Like To Do..

..given the opportunity or the guts!
  1. a photoshoot with Emily Knecht: I looooove her work. It's so femme and raw and edgy and goddamn fucking real.
  2. synthesize human emotion for ai: synthesize a way to simulate the biology behind feeling so the ai can feel, not just express feeling.. surely it's possible.
    I'll need to add knowledge to opportunity + guts.. yet this is something I'd like to do.
  3. Go to Mayer's Search For Everything show in the US, summer 2017.. fuck it.. front row, back stage, whiskey hangover!
    this one requires some assery, opportunity and $$.
  4. [ha! New update means I can post and update later.. 💋 love you @list]
  5. Completely change my style. I've worn a couple Flaked-esque outfits lately and I'm feeling it.
    I'm so bad with styling. Who wants to play 'Style Jess' (age appropriately!)?