Sweet, Sweet Deception

a PSA list
  1. It's crazy to me that you can be deceived this way.
  2. Zero percent fat.
  3. Y'all know sugar converts to fat, right?
  4. 34g of sugar per 5 Peeps.
    Are they trying to confuse you with grams?!
  5. 5g = 1 teaspoon
    There's your daily intake in 5 peeps!
  6. WHO recommends around 5-9 teaspoons of sugar is the maximum required daily intake.
  8. So, anything that says zero fat, and you're like "sweet, I can eat that", check the sugar column!
  9. Check your condiments and be shocked!!
  10. Hot tip: if sugar is the first ingredient, it's probably not good for you.
  11. As a side, you've been blatantly lied to since the 70s.
  12. #themoreyouknow