The Bachelor, My Feels + Questions

🚨spoiler alert 🚨 ...and a little MA15+ (adult themes)
  1. Ok, wow.. mass respect for the producers. Was expecting more from that Andi visit.
  2. Awww, Corinne, baby. I know we had a rocky start, middle and... but home visits changed me and now I wanna hug you and binge eat (and shop on your cc) with you.
  3. So, has Raven made Raven orgasm?
    Literally my first thought.
  4. Also, kinda feeling for Raven's ex ... small town and now everyone knows he can't make a girl cum.
  5. Do you really need trust to orgasm?! Pretty sure it's more biological than that. I mean, I don't always trust myself.
    That's a lie. I implicitly trust myself. Hmmm, maybe trust is involved. *note to self for future research ideas*
  6. I absolutely love that you can tell with every utterance, Nick is totally gagging for it.
    He's got that low, partial whisper growly sound going on.
  7. You're invited to fantasy suites*?? Is it not a given that you'd just wanna fuck him?! Am I too crass?! What's normal?
    * we don't have fantasy suites in the Aus version (pretty sure they just figure it out as and when they want)
  8. Also, I love orgasmless Raven and want her to win. I never was Team Raven but those two are just so gosh darn cute together!
  9. Fuck! They're missing the northern ligh... wait?! They're fucking -under- the northern lights. Ugh. *envy sets in*
    Note: the two times I've seen the NL's: I was jet lagged and the second I had gastro (uncontrollable tummy bug).
  10. What wait: next week previews... shit! It's over? Next week's 3 hours?! Ugh!
  11. Producers, don't tease me. Tell me Raven got her fireworks! I don't need this stress in my life.
  12. Matching swim suits: Nick and Vanessa. No, please. Stop! Haha. Hmmm... Nick is looking at Vanessa with contempt already. She's gone. (Or, won't last)
    I used to be Team Vanessa after I went cold on Team Danielle M (I think it was M) and then I'm like, too many rules and expectations. Girl gotta get that baggage dealt with.
  13. C'mon Rachel, you neeeeeeed to stop analyzing this! Or at least analyze it from the point of what it takes to win. "I love you" = 🌹 (only say it if you mean it though cause divorce is messy, but hey, you're a lawyer so there's that!)
  14. Will always love Corinne's sayings: "heart of gold...platinum vagine"
    I just love her character. She gives so much! Wait for the spin off.
  15. Ahhhh, the reunion ep!! They don't do this in Aus anymore! So excited! Corinne's solo interviews are gonna stir shit up and a whole lotta "I told you so's"will come out.
  16. Haha!!! That Nick-man sarcasmontage is LIFE!!!