The Bigger Picture updates are a metaphor of my life.
  1. Sometimes you have to trust in the bigger picture
  2. You won't always be shown the bigger picture, yet you will be called to trust it anyway.
  3. There is always fear: for as slight or as grand as we permit ourselves to feel it
  4. There will always be compromise or sacrifice: a door must close for the next to open.
    I've tried keeping both open and news flash, you can't move when you do!
  5. Sometimes those little things, which add up to the big thing make zero sense at the time.
    Trust, my little petal, trust.
  6. And in the whole process there are so many emotions and scenarios to deal with it can feel overwhelming.
  7. Sometimes you need to walk calmly, eyes closed guided by a rope bringing you forward.
  8. Sometimes you run toward it; arms outstretched, smiles broad.
  9. Every time, there is usually more to it, that you never can know. You are just called to trust and make the most of it.