The Family Resume

Ok, better write this one before I forget the concept. Also, welcome to this side of my mind. Enjoy 💋
  1. Think LinkedIn.
  2. Now think of it in terms of skills/traits/personality, rather than the number of families you've been in / had (but not exclusively!)
    Like totally, list the number of families you've been in, get references and endorsements!
  3. I think the concept was born when I was thinking of that whole introducing your new significant other to your family. They could check your new SO on The Family Resume (working title) and either veto straight up or not.
    Not really selling this! Def sounded better in my head!
  4. I see it super beneficial for all single-somethings wanting to make a stellar first impression! "Oh, she bakes, I like that", says your mum. "So she can dig a footing for a foundation slab. Nice!", says Dad, "nice ass too, son, good job!". Ok, I'm totally over-generising and hella stereotyping.
    Do Dad's even say that stuff to their sons about their girlfriends??
  5. Anyway, mull it over. I'll have forgotten it soon, but you heard it here first!!
  6. The Family Resume.
    Not coming to App Store, or Google Play anytime soon!