The Sounds In My 'Hood That I Love

I live on the corner of a busy street of a quaint suburb, in a port city. It's a super diverse place. My home is rather private, so I hear more than I see when inside my home + yard. These are my favourite sounds.
  1. [skate boards] there are grown ass men who skate up my street all hours of the day and night.. I love the sound those little plastic wheels make on the bitumen.
  2. [ships in port] often on a still night you can hear the cargo ships loading, or the passenger ships sounding their horns. I love living by the sea and especially in a port city.
  3. [tourettes guy] ok, this mightn't be very PC, it's just I love hearing his obscenities. Sure, it can't be pleasant for him and I for one respect this is an affliction, yet I embrace TG and his vitriolic profanity.
  4. [happy birthday] I live across from a children's park and every weekend without fail there is at least one party, if not four! This means I hear the Happy Birthday song up to four times a weekend! It's always so amusing.
  5. [parties] one hundred meters down the road is a high rise apartment block, so without fail there is always a party emanating from it.. sometimes it spills out into the street. People are so dramatic when drunk! #freestreettheatre
  6. [the bros] there are a group of 9-12 yo boys that hang out at the park. They very often will walk past my house on their way there and always (unknowingly) entertain me with their conversations.