The Sounds Of My House

Inspired by @jennifergster and an addition to a list I wrote ages ago The Sounds In My 'Hood That I Love
  1. Music
    there is almost always musical sound emanating from the sonos speakers in the house.
  2. White goods
    The hum of either the washing machine, dishwasher or dryer.
  3. Phones
    The chimes of my notifications, or a text, or phone call (really only my mum calls!)
  4. A bark or two
    Missy is super quiet until a scooter or bike rolls past. Bikes, scooters and skateboards get her arced up!
  5. Water
    Kitchen or bathroom, speaks for itself really. I shower when I'm bored or need to relax.
  6. Me!
    I'm usually contributing to the sounds in the place!
  7. Sizzl-ing!
    Pan-frying something for breakfast lunch or dinner. Probably a hash brown for moi!
  8. Exhaust fan
    Either in the kitchen or the bathroom (which is a combo light/fan set up)
  9. Tip Tap Tip Tap
    The sound of Missy's claws on the wooden floorboards, usually notices at 6:30am
  10. Creaks and the odd sound within the walls or roof cavity
    This house is 126 years old, so it has some arthritic joints! It also houses the odd animal in the cavities!
  11. TV
    Either free-to-air, streamed or video games.
  12. ...and finally
  13. The effervescent pop of a freshly cracked champagne (or beer!)
    Self explanatory
  14. (Generally a fairly quiet place)