The Sounds Of The 🇦🇺 Meet Up

  1. Move over @listbot ... there is a new vocal list producer in town!
    Incidentally, not me, in fact this was all @lochie's idea.. you know, The Official Mascot of Australia! 🐨🇦🇺
  2. Free to Download from iList: Babes At Work.
  3. Track One: Chesterfields for B.J.
  4. Track Two: Dark Side
  5. Track Three: Mate, Maaaate
  6. Track Four: We Can Only But Dream // feat. a couple tipsy listers! 🙈😏
  7. Track Five: Nerdy and Curious
  8. Track Six: Sangria
  9. Track Seven: That's Not A Knife // feat. a few of us!
  10. Track Eight: Millennial Tech!
  11. Track Nine: TRENDING!!