Things 27 Year Old Jessica Would Not Believe About 37 Year Old Jessica

Inspired by @barefootmeds et al.
  1. Meet 27 Year Old Jessica (and her brand new husband!). The following would be things she wouldn't believe...
    On route to Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic whilst on vacay. Ready to tackle the world, one social norm at a time.
  2. that she wouldn't be a mother and she would be ok with that.
    Like, legit ok with it. Maybe it was circumstantial.
  3. that she wouldn't be working in special events. Specifically as a wedding planner who balanced that along side her role as mother and wife.
    Oh, bless. I was a gifted events planner after all.
  4. that she would be a goal setter... and achiever of goals set.
    Oh no, no, no... way too ambitious for 27yo-confidence-lacking Jessica.
  5. that she would be a leader, and manage people in her job.
    ...and be given feedback from her 'subordinate' peers that they loved learning from her. Ok, stop, you're blowing young Jess' mind. Can't stop, won't stop!
  6. have choice, finally understand the concept of choice, exercise it.
    But wait, I choo.. huh!.. so, what you're saying is... *silence from young Jess*
  7. put herself, her desires, her core truth first and understand her values and how they influence her choices.
    *silence from young Jess*
  8. that she'd finally conquer her scholastic fears, *go* to university and make it past the first year with an impressive GPA.
    Quick, someone, revive young Jess.
  9. Actually have a set career path... love it, feel so natural in it... *and* be absolutely ok, if a) it doesn't work out, or b) she chooses another opportunity because of circumstance.
    Do I stop? I think this is way too much for her to take on right now.
  10. Have an impressive number of friends both tangibly and online.
    Please don't tell her she DM's 'strangers', both men and women, I truly don't know she could handle that truth bomb! Idk if she's even still with us.
  11. Be writing a list, from her new bed in her mother's home, while she figures out what she wants from life.
    "Whoa, wait, older Jess, what's going on?" ... "I have an idea, young Jess, just trust me 💋".
  12. So this is 37 year old Jessica, and her husband and their 'child', in a space that could be considered polar opposite to 10 years ago. Absolutely far from what 27 yo Jess would consider 'perfect' but absolutely not what *I* would consider wrong (and completely what, so far, feels right).
    Life is so nuanced. I refuse to be numb to those nuances. I want to feel each and every aspect for what it is, ironically, for better or worse.