Things I Can Do While Driving

Naturally, as a (mostly) safe-driving citizen, I do not condone any action whilst driving. Be present. Be safe.
  1. Put on make-up
    I feel that's part of a female's genetic code, right?
  2. Create lists
    Not this one admittedly. This is coming at ya from a sauna.
  3. Record a podcast
    That was new! Not my greatest work admittedly, but hey.
  4. Hand-jobs
    I never once took my eyes off the road! Related, I have phenomenal peripheral vision 😏
  5. Put my ear rings in.
    Really, anything related to aesthetics, I can do in a car.
  6. Cry.
    This is not a great thing to do at the wheel. That blurred vision is dangerous.
  7. Take my bra off (under my clothes)
    Not related to the handie. Related to comfort.
  8. Eat.
    That would be a statistic I want to see at the end of my life. How much food I've consumed at the wheel.
  9. All the phone things: talk, snap, msg, social media, take photos etc.
    I feel like this goes without saying, but I added in case you wondered.
  10. Yoga
    Usually in an automatic. Usually on long-hauls. A hip opener or some kind of seated heart-opener!