Time Hop: The Early 80s Me

My sister's 40th is fast approaching, and my younger sister and I are making her a photo book. I get distracted easily!
  1. not a lot has changed.
  2. my fave baby pic of me
  3. when your sister could be a brother!
  4. Fashion.
    If he were alive, I'd totally be asking him questions about this!
  5. I've been blonde twice: age 2 and age 30
    those sheets though!
    Don't judge my parents.
  8. My aunt had good reason to suggest I might become an 'adult entertainer' in my future!
  9. When you're too little for the party games
    I mean really, it's bc I would totally have won Musical Statues
  10. Poor guy. Only three are his.
    Sans context, this isn't a great photo admittedly.
  11. My exact face (to the day) when I'm feeling optimistic but awkward.
  12. 1) no permanent damage 2) I thought that sapling would hold me!