Titles Of Empty Lists. Vol II

Yeah, that's right. I'm not updating my original list: Titles Of Empty Lists.
  1. The Good, The Bad and The Curious
    A story of the greyness of life.
  2. The Art of Honesty is in Delivery
    A fine line between authenticism and assholery.
  3. 'I love you' Is A Terrible Contract
    The disparity between the words uttered and received, and why it's a terrible contract
  4. Not Ok With Comfortable
    The tales of a feud with mediocrity in which the stubborn heroine will not back down.
  5. Opportunity Missed|nekaT toN ksiR
    An expose of similarities
  6. A Cautionary Tale of Marrying Your Bestie
    A list about friendships not always being suited to marital bliss, or rather longevity and how difficult they are to end and yet preserve the friendship. Alt title: Marry An Asshole Instead.