After a rubbish sleep, things took a positive turn. Keepin' the feeling alive!
  1. Monday morning like... I rarely do this and I'm so pleased this is how my day started
  2. A little beach run with this mad bitch! Seriously, she's adorable, but she's a total nut case at the beach!
  3. Ha! Even dumbass situations aren't a problem today! Missy the hoover loved my misfortune.
  4. Caaa-ching! 💰 two bookings in one morning... oh happy day, oh happy daaay 🎶
  5. cleaning myself with what can only be likened to as a big soapy jube candy! Smells like candy, feels like jelly, cleans like soap! OML. This just made my day (whoosh shower jelly by Lush)
  6. Fave top, tove lo(ve) tunes and minimal school luggage (only one lecture today!)
  7. waiting in anticipation for my stats prof. to make his comedic return for the week.
  8. ^^ yep! My professor has new standup material and he's so funny today! Making learning how to calculate standard deviation and z-scores enjoyable.
  9. my study nook makes me so happy. I make sure to bring only positive vibes into this space. It makes studying a relative joy, especially when it's peaceful like right now.
  10. I smile wide when Mis jumps into front seat and slips into the seat belt like this. Love her
  11. it's 2nd solo wife night, so I'm treating myself to long overdue Maccas. Plus, it makes me happy. Evidently my flat lay 📷 skills are a bit rusty!
  12. ending almost as it started: book and beverage, with a puppy curled at my feet snoozing. I'll watch a movie in a bit and melatonin my way to lalaland.
  13. Also, just learned (rather ironically as this list started organically optimistic) that it's International Happiness Day.
    Have a splendid day my beautiful friends x