Ugh. I feel terrible. Kind of. And also relieved. So there's that.

[MASS DEBATES] related.
  1. So, there will be no Harry Potter debate.
    Don't hate on me.
  2. It really is a tougher call than I first expected, to moderate a Harry Potter debate when I haven't finished the books yet. I've got three, well now four, to go!
    😳 I know.. but I'm also not a millennial. That's my reason. I'm sticking with it! Plus, it's Sunday, you should be out chugging butter beer and buying copies of The Cursed Child.
  3. I do feel terrible though because I don't like falling out of integrity on things. I just couldn't pull together a topic without ruining the story, and also that wasn't lame and that was debatable.
    It's not the end of the world, I do realise!
  4. Though, I am relieved. As I am sure my friends are too as I will stop annoying them about topic ideas!!
    @Lisa_Fav @LeahG @DawnCloud @jpbateson you're the best for not allowing me to spoil my HP journey.
  5. So, my friends, my dear HP obsessed tribe. I apologise with all sincerity.
  6. Now I can get back to deciding if I like Stranger Things, or not!
    Goonies meets X-Files.. I don't like messing with originals 😏 ...I feel an unpopular opinion list coming on!!
  7. [Mass Debates] will be back.. just need to line up the next team!