Vital Stats

Inspired by @nikkilounoel
  1. Name
    Jessica Lee
  2. Goes By
    Jessica, Jess, Oi you.
  3. DOB/Height/Weight
    37 ('79 babies ftw) / 170cm (169.5cm on a bad day) / +/- a kg or two ~58kg (for pounds I think you double it)
  4. Loves
    Life. Travel. Food. Music. People. Talking. Pushing the envelope.
  5. Hates
    Judgement. Fakery. Insolence. Assumption. Rudeness. 'Normality'. Routine.
  6. Will Admit
    Nothing, Your Honour! I take shit to the grave.
  7. Is Curious About
    Really? We could be here all day with this question. Mostly, people. I'm fascinated with humans and how they think and behave. I'm curious about what we haven't learned about the mind.
  8. In The Near Future
    Put up my Christmas tree. How near?! Finish this bottle of champagne.. Renew my passport. Go to Thailand. Hug my fave. Eat *real* panang curry. Run amuck. Be irresponsible.
  9. Really Wants To
    Go back to America (and Europe) to meet you all (and see my IRL friends and fam). Like, ugh, you guys have no idea how hard it is to live 15,000km away from everything!