Waking Up.

  1. And so, Alice woke up.
  2. Wiped her eyes and smudged dirt across her cheek.
  3. She was face down. The earth was moist. She dragged her feet from a closed over hole in the ground.
  4. Her mind raced to recapture what she just experienced. A dream? A brief moment in time which seemed like years of intense feelings.
  5. There was a Stranger in her dream. An interesting character. A character that so twisted her mind in the most curious and euphoric of ways.
  6. Alice had trouble seeing him. As was such in dreams, his face was not clear. This bothered Alice, she was not used to such ambiguity. Still, Alice followed her intriguing Stranger. She felt beautiful following him.
  7. .
  8. Sitting up and a familiar feeling pounded the center of Alice's brain.
  9. She sighed, her mouth dry and her breath confirmed her suspicion.
  10. Despite the groggy realisation, she could not shrug the feeling of the Stranger. She woke with a longing.
  11. A sense of grief. A feeling so attached he seemed near, yet he could not be so.
  12. .
  13. Alice made it to her feet, steadied herself and walked on.
  14. Every now and then, her eyes met those of a stranger in the streets. It made her stop. She was so paralyzed by returned feelings of her Stranger. They flooded her. She would look up at these men for whom she felt this immediate attachment.
  15. Some would jeer at her, others pushed her aside, some laughed in her face as she looked at them with affinity in her eyes and an unexplainable love in her heart.
  16. Alice could not make sense of this dejection.
  17. This was the Stranger.
  18. Each of these men. Every time. This was him.
  19. The feelings matched and the face was irrelevant. Why was she tossed aside?
  20. She wondered, "doesn't he know it's me?".