Requested by Lisa

Ways having 500 followers changed me (aka the one where I'm full of myself)

  1. @Lisa_Fav, I really don't have time for this..
  2. What, with my new campaign, #JK1000 launching
    500? Not what I expected. I mean, I'm grateful. You're all amazing. I just feel incomplete still.
  3. What, with my decision to go full time with my ghostwriting business.
    I decided to take this shit-list epidemic into my own hands.. people are responding well to it.
  4. What, with the hoards of calls overnight: well-wishes and interview requests.
    It truly is overwhelming.. but hey, I can handle it. I'm Australian, bitch! ;)
  5. What, with drafting up a contract for @aus10 to become my agent.. clearly I need one now.
    He's a bit green, but I think he'll grow into the role.
  6. Also, a note, I was full of myself before 500, so that hasn't changed.. I'm not sure what you're playing at there.
    Maybe I'm becoming more humble? I don't have time for my ego these days.
  7. For details on #JK1000: follow me
  8. For details on my ghostwriting services: inquire below
  9. Oh.. and @Lisa_Fav ... 😂