What Feminism Isn't, For Me...

[we all have our own special relationship with feminism, mine is liberal]
  1. coming at tenets of feminism from a place of anger and/or aggression
  2. concealing my body, shroud all that makes me deliciously 'woman'
    'Woman' said in that primal voice! Yeah baby, hear me roar!
  3. refusing gratuity, compliments or chivalry from men (or other women, or non-genderised)
    Unpopular opinion: I LIKE BEING WHISTLED AT!
  4. judging any person for their views on equality, gender etc. I don't need to agree with you, yet my view is in no way superior to yours. Our views are just that, views (meaning).
  5. a catch cry. Imma just gonna keep working fucking hard at what I do and feel good about it.
    Preferably to the mental soundtrack of Rih's, Werk.