What I've Been Dreaming This Week

  1. [MONDAY] I was delighted by a cacophonous everyday-happenings kinda dream.. and at one point it turned lucid. The lucid dreaming started immediately after I died my hair blonde. My conscious self was berating my dream-self for 1) dreaming of going blonde (again) and 2) for dreaming about going blonde! It was all because I saw this photo:
    Blonde me, circa 2009.
  2. [TUESDAY] I went paddle boarding with my fam in Iceland! What I love about dreams is how illogical they are. As in, I get cold very quickly IRL and I was one of the few (in the dream) who was not affected by the cold water! So strange, beautiful dream though. Kinda looked a bit like this:
    (Insta cred: articfox.is)
  3. [WEDNESDAY] Super weird dream with chop-and-change settings.. at one point I was in a bizarre obstacle course race through vineyards on a stormy day, next I was hanging with friends as if we were on a massively long lunch break in high school. I think it was motivated by seeing my high-school friends last night and discussing our 20 yr reunion. Idk
    Being under the vines kinda looked like this, but it was foggy and gloomy.
  4. [THURSDAY] Another 'choppy' dream night. One saw me racing down building stairs, parkour style. Then cut-to hanging out on a cloud outside the window of 'my bosses' high-rise office. The window was a balcony + my boss, Jeremy Piven as Ari saying "at $8.50 a ticket, he can go fuck himself". Cut-to me having Friday drinks in an oak-lined laneway.
  5. [FRIDAY] A lot of last night's dreaming is unclear except for the part where I was at the beach with the Hemsworth's. There was a small child, not sure who it belonged to, and it was so naughty. Chris was being super rad in the waves. He did this one hand star handstand (on the water) *on* a curling wave. Rad. I blame the melatonin I took.
  6. [SATURDAY] Not a great dream night. Almost no recall, except for snippets of being down at the beach in terrible weather and then cut-to being terrorized by a friend of a friend. Who in the dream turned out to be an old neighbor of mine who was a sociopath. The dream was centered around kicking him out of 'our' house before he got violent.
  7. [SUNDAY] As I took another melatonin, my mind's in super analytical mode lately, my full recall isn't great. Ok!.. in one dream my sister and I had to pick up our drunk so's, I suggested taking the car as the quickest option. She won over me with her suggestion to share a cardboard toboggan.. through the city! Side dream: I was seduced by a woman.
    ...this toboggan is far superior to the one we had! Also, we didn't have snow!