Why I'm li.st's Next "Recommended Follow"

Inspired by @jpbateson. Love all y'all.. but these passive lists got me wearing my sassy pants! *steps into spotlight, clutching the microphone*
  1. It makes sense.
    No context.
  2. I'm international.
    Future investment.
  3. HQ has a secret crush on me.
    How do I know this? They don't often like, relist me. But they give me those knowing glances in the banner!.. It's playground psychology. Little do they know I'm a master hacker and I've taken a peek in the back end systems.. and by-geeze, it's a little embarrassing how many of my lists are in BJ's 💾's 😏 #therebecrushes
  4. Anyone who knows me knows the above is rubbish, I'm useless with tech!
    I wish I had that hacker game though, it seems so bad ass.
  5. Full respect. Always.
    I'm respectful to the peeps, to the brand.
  6. My relist game is pretty well on point.
    Not too much, not too little.
  7. My list game is pretty good. Not yet pro, on my way though. I feel good about it.
    Feedback goes a long way though, drop me a comment.
  8. I'm not cagey about my lists and encourage my real life friends to get involved!
    Ain't got nothing to hide baby, this is me. Warts and all! << note; I don't have warts, only as a kid, on my big toe and thumb weirdly enough.. tmi?!
  9. The recommend life ain't about me. It's about you. I understand the responsibility.
    Selfless first.
  10. I can handle it.
    Fame doesn't scare me. I know which is my right angle. My autograph has been ready for years.
  11. I have the credentials.
    My LinkedIn account proves it! Ok. C'mon, that was a joke. But I have worked in marketing and brand relations. So there is that.
  12. I'm not precious.
    Despite my chill-less facade.
  13. @franksars said so.
    That speaks volumes. In at least two languages. How many languages do you speak, Frank?
  14. They need a [edit: second] Aussie in the list. It may as well be me!
    I think they know this.. but I can't be sure. It just seems logical 😉
  15. I respect the lower caps, yo!
    They exist for a reason.
  16. Should I + this and make a petition?!
    Nah, I'm far too modest for that! ;)
  17. And to prove that I really am not precious, i'mma gonna publish this motherf right now.
    I'm a recovering prime-time-oholic.
  18. ✌🏼️