Why Is Archangel Metatron Hanging Out With Me?

Haha! No, I'm not high! Ok, for some of you, this might come as a shock... I'm actually rather a spiritual lil' being!
  1. So I had the most bliss reiki sesh with my Aunt today who is also an Angel Healer.
  2. She let me know of the Angels that were chilling out in my space with me.
  3. These days, my guides include: Archangel Michael, AA Gabriel, AA Uriel and an AA that my Aunt knew of but rarely had visit...
  4. Apparently I was blessed by the Jewish prophet come Archangel Metatron (Metraton?).
  5. As she wasn't familiar with this AA she wasn't so sure of what his presence meant to me.
    She knew that he has something to do with the book of wisdom.
  6. So! If any of you dabble in such things or are deeply spiritually Jewish, I would greatly appreciate anything you can offer me on Metatron.
    What is the spelling? I've seen it spelt both ways.
  7. Either comment or DM x
  8. ✨+ 🙏🏼