Why Must Our Weirdo-ness Be Taboo In This Day-Age?

  1. I reflect on my departing conversation with @callmesabby on Sunday night.
  2. We spoke on how nice it was that we all got along so well at the meet up (in Sydney) and that everyone was "so normal". We promptly joked that it was because we were comfortable being ourselves: weirdness and all!
  3. There was absolutely no pretense in the exchange. We could be gloriously ourselves.
  4. Yet this vastly contrasts for many of us in our experiences with our family and work environments.
  5. There is far more judgement surrounding us than we allow ourselves to feel. I have a number of weirdo tendencies, traits, ideas.. connecting with strangers online and in 'real life' is just one..
    I know this example isn't so weird here.
  6. I know in my family, I am judged in varying degrees for flying across country (for context: normally an $800 rtn fare, though I used points) to meet a bunch of 'strangers from the Internet'.
    In fairness, I am likely to be judged for this in other circles too.
  7. I understand that this judgement comes from a place of fear and potentially also self-insecurity. It also comes from a place of ignorance of understanding.
  8. Ordinarily, to this kind of judgement I say, "that's ok..", "to each their own..", "we are all different". This is true, very true. Yet it continues to block one very important element: acceptance.
  9. I'm not about to go parading my weirdo tendencies and nuances! I'm not about become an exhibitionist in that sense.. yet I will continue to be unapologetically authentically me.
  10. In order to bring about acceptance, in order to reduce taboo, I will now go out of my way to share my 'whys' behind my "weird" actions.
    Case in point. (Also @nikkilounoel, you need to know how much I love you.. a lot 💙)
  11. I refuse to live in a society that doesn't challenge 'social norms'. Fuck that. I can't deal with that kind of staid boredom.