{side note: welcome to Western Australia. It is my home, it is beautiful and you all need to visit! List App Meet Up : Down Under?!}
  1. easy work day, chilled out in the beach town of Dunsborough.. doing a little lululemon athletica trunk show at a local yoga studio (zen den collective) .. Overall vibe: chilled AF
  2. Return to the resort, decide the pool was too kiddie, go to the beach. Overall vibe: even more chilled AF
  3. Meet up with our yogi, SUP queen, pro surfer girl crush friend KT for a picnic dinner on the beach. Need to SUP to the picnic spot. Overall vibe: excited chilled AF
  4. Order our curry from a cute little curry van, go back to the boards; eat, banter, laugh, joke under the fading light and rising moon. Overall vibe: Rad + chilled AF.
  5. Getting late, make the call to SUP back despite having spent 45 minutes discussing the surfer reference "sharkyAF" as the measurement of how shark infested the waters are. The moon glow on the water and the stars above are overwhelming, the unknown below is unnerving. Overall vibe: nervous + rad AF + empowered AF
  6. Driving home feeling like I'm tripping balls, realising I'm actually feeling the effects of motion sickness, it feels like I'm driving on ice, kangaroos jumping out at me (legit). Overall vibe: tripped AF
  7. Fin