I'm going to publish this now (it's been in draft long enough) and add more later.. hell, why not, let me punch that little suggestion thingy (and you can add your favorites too)
  1. Malevolent
    it's kinda sexy meets sophistication, meets bad.
  2. Delicious
    I use this adjective most when referring to non-food/beverage items. Why?.. because as far as words go, it's so goddamn delicious!
  3. Diffident
    I recall first learning this word and just responding, "I like that" .. and some times in life, that's all you need.
  4. Specifically
    ☺️ ...because, do you recall your first few attempts at saying this word, or have you ever heard a child try saying it for the first time? Bless.
  5. Sesquipedalianist
    I saw this word in a Jennifer Aniston movie, so there's that.. and well, just look at it. This word is all class.
  6. Churlish
    Not having been a churlish child, I never heard this word growing up. I heard it first watching Substitute Teacher by Key + Peele. The repeats watching that vid was not for AAron, it was to hear churlish being said.
  7. Obscure
    This word sounds like what it means: something odd, unknown, mysterious, hidden depths. Love it!
    Suggested by   @emilyefrost