Would We Be Sexist To A Gendered Humanoid?

Bear with me on this, currently revising one of my anthropology topics and it got me thinking off on a tangent!
  1. Why are some of us humans sexist?
    Stew on that for a sec... don't @ me, there's more to come!
  2. Would humans who are high in trait-sexism behave the same way with a gendered humanoid (robot)?
    After all, they are gendered and programmed to behave to a set of rules pertaining to that gender.
  3. Yet, the humanoid, unlike a human can be programmed to not compute the subtleties (or not so subtle behaviours) of sexism.
    "I am sorry, I do not understand what you are saying" (motherfucker).
  4. Would the sexist eventually realize the sexism is pointless (over time)?
    If there isn't a response to the toxic stimulus, does it cease to exist?
  5. So, would sexism die out with the existence of gendered humanoids?
    Or are we inherently that ignorant and arrogant that it could worsen?
  6. Or will we replace sexism with some overarching elitism?
    Wouldn't doubt that possibility. Not for a single second!
  7. You know, thoughts. Ok. Back to my actual study now.
    Welcome to the inner workings of the mind of jessica.
  8. Side note: just posed this scenario and question to my mum and her partner (both in their 60s). After a long winded discussion on the rights and wrongs of robotics and automation, mum's partner remarked "nothin' like the real thing". To which I promised him I'd buy him a humanoid sex-robot for his 80th! Fun times!