Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. It was summer at Sears.
  2. He was the warehouse muscle, and I worked in the customer service office.
  3. I checked receipts for big ticket items, and he loaded them into the customer's vehicles.
  4. We met at the wooden half-door that separated the office from the warehouse.
  5. He said, "Hi, I'm Randy"
  6. I replied in kind and soon we were talking about what we were doing working at Sears.
  7. He: I'm between semesters, working toward a degree in Natural Resources Management.
  8. Me: That's so cool - I'm between semesters working on an urban planning degree. I hate sprawl. Love natural resources.
  9. He went to his best friend's house that night and said "I'm going to marry this girl I met tonight!"
  10. Thank God I didn't know that or I would have thought he was a creepy stalker guy.
  11. A couple weeks later, he asked me out.
  12. I had to turn him down because I had a boyfriend (that I didn't like, which I found out later Randy knew...)
    That stinker knew it would be hard for me to say no to him. But I did, anyway
  13. He got a job at an engineering firm and quit before I could break up with my boyfriend
  14. I quit not long after that for a better paying job closer to school
  15. A year later, I saw him at a bar
  16. I was with a new boyfriend
  17. A year after that, I moved back to town and started working at Sears again.
  18. In my final year (um, that would be my fifth year), all my friends had already moved away.
  19. Then I saw him...Randy's dad! Working in his retirement, across the aisle from me in hardware!
  20. One night, I approached him and said, "I just moved to town on my own, and I remember that your son was a great guy. I could use some local friends, could you have him give me a call?"
  21. So he did. And even though I was truly only looking for friends at that point, the minute we started talking when Randy visited me during my break one day, I knew we were going to start dating
  22. A month later, we had a "safety date" (each of you invites a friend in case it gets weird) at a local comedy club
  23. And a month and many phone calls after that, we were at our first official date. He educated me about Gordon Lightfoot, and I awkwardly tried to make conversation with one of my hard -ass land use law professors who also happened to be at the concert