1. It is new (to me)
    I love shiny new things!
  2. I love to laugh, and you people are funny as crap!
    I guess crap isn't that funny, so I should have said you are funnier than crap.
  3. I am not a particularly organized person, but have always been in love with list making.
  4. I found out about this when @bjnovak was on the Tim Ferris show
    It was a great interview - check it out on iTunes! Finding out about this app is another reason I'm glad I started listening to that podcast.
  5. Awesome community!
  6. I learn and am entertained. People on this list seem more kind and frankly more intelligent than I often experience on other social media. Making a good list is hard and not everyone can do it.
    Suggested by @pili_ervin