Since I've owned an iPhone my life has been constantly more and more convenient based on the fact I have a lot less clutter in my life. This is a list of things I no longer need to physically store or carry with me since it has been replaced by my iPhone. Just to name a few
  1. Digital camera
    I used to carry a point and shoot everywhere I went since my old flip phones and blackberries had terrible cameras built in but now the iPhone camera dubs as just as great point and shoot to capture every days moments
  2. iPod
    All through middle school and high school I had my cell phone in one pocket and iPod in the other. Now my phone is also my iPod and my iTunes which all sync wirelessly to all the media players I own.
  3. Computer
    For the most part when I travel I no longer lug around my computer. Almost everything I can look up on my phone and with iTunes also included I no longer need my computer to import cd after cd and then plug my phone in all in order to listen to the newest album I just bought in physical form
  4. CDs
    I don't think I'll ever buy a physical version of a cd ever again in my life. My computers don't have disc drives and Bluetooth speakers have no way of playing a cd either which means I don't have to worry about where to stack all my CDs and also making sure they don't scratch which always happens no matter how careful.
  5. DVDs
    And DVD players. Not only because of my iPhone but also with the apple companion Apple TV I can get any movie at my finger tips again with out the big pile of cases and the thought of a movie skipping all the best parts because I stacked it on top of the DVD player instead of putting it in the case after watching
  6. Notebooks
    Any notes or ideas or any thing I need to remember or jaught down are all just an app away with virtually unlimited pages, no pens, and easy organization.
  7. Watch
    Although you won't see me not wearing a watch on a daily basis my phone is an accurate time piece that doesn't need reset every time I enter a new timezone
  8. Flashlight
    A quick swipe up for the flash light button will lead the way and help find whatever I lost in the dark. Or just make sure I don't smash my toe into the wall getting a drink at night
  9. Calculator
    Just ask Siri any equation and hang tight for the answer
  10. Alarm clock
    Does anybody own a real alarm clock anymore?
  11. GPS
    I can go anywhere in the world with step by step instructions from my personal assistant, Siri. Im sure if I wanted I could drive from South Dakota to Russia and it'd be that easy
  12. Books
    I have my personal library and bookstore right in my pocket just a tap and scroll away
  13. Newspapers
    For my newspapers are replaced by Twitter. I see or hear about a major event and head straight to my timeline for dozens of links to get the scoop
  14. Thermometer
    Or the weather channel. I know what I have to wear to stay warm before I even get out of bed in the morning