Inspired by @ninachainz
  1. Hello!!! I'm Liz and this is me:
  2. I'm 21, about to finish my BA at Michigan in International Studies and Political Science.
  3. I love to learn languages! I speak Spanish, Swedish, and French. I want to learn German and Italian this summer!
  4. I want to travel the world 🎓✈️
  5. I'm living in Flensburg, Germany this summer for an internship!
  6. My best friend in the whole world is @ninachainz
    Here's a really bad pic of us
  7. I prefer cats but dogs are OK.
  8. I love cheese, Sriracha, and Nutella.
  9. My spirit animals are Lucille Bluth and Titus Andromedon.
  10. On a good day, I'm Jim Halpert.
  11. On a bad day, I'm Michael Scott.