1. "girl-crush"
    This is the female "no homo". It's the speech equivalent of jumping through a ring of fire with ballons and a cake while hollering "I'M NOT GAYYYYY!" If you're a straight girl, it's pretty clear that you're not ~actually~ crushing on that celebrity. It just seems unnecessary and annoying, with a tinge of homophobic vibes.
  2. Inserting "like" as a filler word when you're speaking in a foreign language.
    I'm so down with saying "like" in English, I do it all the time. But when you're speaking Spanish, why would you cut it with "like"??? Use the word from that language? It also makes me hyper aware of how often that person uses "like" in English, which is usually a lot if their verbal tick doesn't even go away in a different language.
  3. Smacking your mouth in between words.
    This is a rare one but it is so noticeable when it happens; why does it happen?! It's MORE effort to speak like this.