From casual interest to full-blow obsession, here you have it (in somewhat chronological order)
  1. High School Boyfriend
    Speaks for itself. Moving on.
  2. Massive Douchebag
    Feigned friendship in order to study with me, since I was much better in the class than he was. Long crush, even longer resentment.
  3. French Boy
    Sexual distraction from crushing obsession with Massive Douchebag. Quite sweet, bad in the sack.
  4. Social Justice Warrior
    So progressive. Many post-coital discussions ruined by making every topic about social justice (I.E milk preference)
  5. Dad Bod
    Kissed me when he had a girlfriend. Booty called me four months later.
  6. Secret Virgin
    I found out a few months later I had taken his virginity. Unclear which of us was more traumatized by this.
  7. British Boy
    His accent blinded me and I still don't know what he looks like tbh.
  8. Eyebrows
    So hot, except for eyebrows that came slightly too close together. We clashed on many things, but I'd still hit it.
  9. Canadian Trump Lover
    Total sex object.
  10. Thor
    Somewhat boring, though charming, sweet, kinda funny, and super confident. He looks like a Hemsworth brother though and I'm so into it. Sex object with a friendly personality.
  11. Codename Undetermined
    Not exactly a sex object. Perfectly happy to marry him now, though, and live out a life of asexual companionship.