Inspired by @nelle
  1. Jumping into the lake and feeling the sharp cold wash over me before I get used to it.
  2. Blasting the AC on a hot day, windows down, music bumping loudly.
  3. Seeing a favorite band live for the first time.
  4. The first sip of a perfect latte made by my favorite barista at my favorite coffee shop in my hometown.
    David's Deli in New Buffalo, MI
  5. Seeing my mom, @ninachainz, or my cousin Daisy after a long time away.
    Hugs, squealing, so much love!!!
  6. Taking off my sweaty bra and socks at the end of a long day.
  7. Leaving a place/my friends from there for potentially a long time, knowing that my sadness is because I found and felt all kinds of love.
  8. When I wake up without an alarm and feel perfectly ready to start the day.
  9. Cracking a thick sugar glaze over creme brûlée
  10. When the boy I like smiles at me while staring me down.
  11. Seeing someone again when I thought I never would.
  12. Holding a jellyfish!
    I did this in Germany this summer - they have ones that don't sting. It is the purest form of joy.
  13. Petting small dogs.
    Especially puppies.
  14. Petting all cats.
  15. Anytime I can finally understand a conversation in a new language.
  16. Getting a snapchat selfie from the boy I currently like (they're incredibly rare!!!)
  17. Doling yourself out the perfect amount of pita/hummus or chips/guac.
  18. Hearing a song, loving it immediately, and knowing how it applies to your current life.
  19. When it becomes clear that the feeling is mutual, and they make a definitive move.