How to woo me

Inspired by @ChrisK; this list makes it very obvious that my "love languages" are physical touch and quality time.
  1. Put your hand on the small of my back when we're walking somewhere
  2. Kiss my neck and jawbone
  3. Actually watch Netflix and chill, and cuddle ☺️
  4. Love-bite my bottom lip when kissing me
  5. Pick up a latte for me when you're on the way over
    Way better than insisting on paying for me when we're at a café. This is more of I was thinking of you and knew you'd like this!" than "rules say I have to pay" paying.
  6. Spontaneous neck rubs
  7. Go to a concert or music festival with me and actually -listen- to the music, don't be all over me
  8. Ask me questions and take actual interest
  9. Wear a well-fitted dress shirt and sport coat; I will immediately want to rip them off
  10. Speak another language and practice it in front of me
  11. Exercise but don't talk about it a lot
  12. Show me a cool spot in nature that you found (a kind of secret dock, an especially beautiful trail)
  13. Sit in silence and read with me for a whole afternoon
  14. Brag about me
  15. Kiss my cheeks a lot