I'm in Germany!!!!!!! Ah!!!!!!
  1. I have an internship here in Flensburg, a city very far north, near Denmark.
    Red arrow marks the spot.
  2. I'm working in an office with a view of the harbor and the Baltic Sea!
    It's seriously so beautiful.
  3. I'll be doing research all summer at the European Centre for Minority Issues, an NGO think-tank that works with various European governments and the OSCE.
    This is a photo of the building.
  4. My office used to be a customs center for the Danish Kingdom!
    The arch in the above photo was the entrance to the city from the harbor. There was a huge scale in the middle of the arch to weigh goods as they came in and out.
  5. I don't speak ~any~ German!!!!!!!
    It has been a little hard. I hate not knowing at least a little of the language when I travel. I feel it contributes to a rude American stereotype and it just sucks for both parties involved!
  6. BUT!! I'm learning a little.
    My housemate speaks fluent German and teaches it at a school for refugees. She is helping me around and I also am using Duolingo to learn some words and phrases.
  7. My coworkers are awesome and very friendly! They have made me feel very welcome and I've only been there two days.
  8. Tomorrow is a holiday so I won't go in to work, on Friday either.
    Germans bridge the gap and just take a long weekend, which is dope.
  9. I'm going to go out day drinking with a coworker bc apparently that is what you do on this holiday.
    Right up my alley.
  10. I'm just so excited to be here!!!