Inspired by @LizDawson
  1. I believe that rosewater is the best essential oil and also the best paczki flavor.
  2. I believe Michigan is the best state, hands down!
  3. I believe zodiac signs definitely play a role in how a person is.
    Fight me 💁🏻
  4. I believe horoscopes and tarot cards can be very helpful objective advice-givers, even if no mystical spirit is in play.
  5. I believe that if something is meant to be, it will be easy.
    This isn't to say that you shouldn't work hard. But if [your relationship, job search, etc] feels like you're just banging your head against a wall, maybe you should look in a new direction.
  6. I believe in "treat yoself!"
  7. I believe in true love/fate/serendipity!
  8. I believe that washing your hands after going to the bathroom is just... not all that necessary tbh.
    It's literally no dirtier than anything else around you?? Unless you like wipe with your hands it's kind of unnecessary. W/E
  9. I believe in evolution.
  10. I believe in God (sort of).
    Something/one had to make that atom explode and cause the Big Bang. I'm not sure that something/one has taken a hand in life thereafter.
  11. I believe that it sometimes takes a couple tries to learn a lesson, and people shouldn't shame you for that.
    I've somehow wound up in the exact same moral situation romantically two summers in a row. It took me until now to learn how to handle the situation! That's ok!
  12. I believe that people who hate romcoms, cats, and the Kardashians are just expressing the tiniest amount of internalized misogyny.
    Sorry not sorry.
  13. I believe the rainbow food trend is kind of gross.
    I'm just ... that rainbow bagel looks vile!
  14. I believe that people's treatment of you is not a reflection of their relationship to you, but their relationship to themselves.
    Not saying you should take other people's shit, but that when people treat you like shit it's not because you ARE shit.