My dad died of cancer when I was four. Inspired by @shanaz.
  1. Just like Shanaz, I'd probably cry and freak out! Something mystical would be afoot, for sure.
  2. I'd take a good hard look at him. From photos, we don't look too alike, but maybe in person it would be different?
  3. Then, I would ask his version of meeting and falling in love with my mom.
    I've heard my mom's side of it, and he told her he loved her on their third date! What the hell, Dad? That's crazy! What made you do that? Whoa!
  4. I'd ask about his side of the family and our family heritage.
    My mom fell deeply out of touch with them after he died, she became extremely reclusive in her grief. I've tried to get back in contact but it's been awkward. My mom also doesn't know anything about where in Europe our family history is! Where were my ancestors from??
  5. I'd want to know his opinion on modern American and international politics.
    He was an economist and, despite my mom's complete lack of interest in these topics, my dad manifested himself in me and I study international political economy! What would he think about that choice? Would we argue about politics? Who would he vote for?
  6. I'd ask was it like having to leave so soon.
    It must have been horrible knowing he was dying when he had a wife and young child. What was that like? How did he stay positive?
  7. I'd ask which traits I had gotten from him.
    I don't look like him or my mom, but what about our personalities? Would we have the same sense of humor? What about our moral compass or sense of justice? What would we have in common?
  8. I'd ask for his family recipes and favorite foods!
    I love to cook and love to try new foods - my mom says I get that from him! I'd ask him what he loves to cook and if he hates any foods and why.
  9. I'd ask for his advice about school.
    I'm not sure exactly what the near future holds for me and I think he would have good advice about whether to find a job, go to an MA program, etc.
  10. I'd ask about his family traditions.
    One was that he would buy my mom small presents, wrap and hide them in the house for her to find. His dad did the same for his mom! What other traditions did his family have? For holidays or otherwise?
  11. I'd ask his advice about love.
    It took him a long time to find "the one" - he was 43ish when they met. That's a lot of years of dating experience! What makes a good partner in his opinion? How did he "know" with my mom?
  12. I would tell him about my experience growing up just with my mom.
    My dad did not want to die even up until the very end. I know he was probably worried about us, and sad that he would not be with us anymore. I would want to assure him that everything turned out fine and we are so happy with our relationship.
  13. I think it would be mostly crying and hugging. I get this feeling that we would instantly get along super well, and that it would feel like he had always been there. Even though I have very few memories of him, I have so many stories from my mom that it feels like we would already know each other.
    I hope that we would like and love each other, that we would get along! Of course! I hope he would be proud of me if he's been watching from afar.