Inspired by @ShawnKelly
  1. Walking way faster than the average person
    art cred to rubyetc
  2. Obsessing over your classes and schedule 3 months before the semester begins
  3. Listening to the same 15 songs over and over for several months
  4. Constantly pushing your arm flub around
  5. Extremely expressive face while talking, telling jokes
    I just make a LOT of faces
  6. Staring at/interacting with strangers' babies too long
  7. Telling yourself you're on a budget but spending however much you want whenever you want
    Treat yoself
  8. Telling yourself you're on a diet but eating however much you want whenever you want
    It's the right way to live.
  9. Snapchatting your best friend from the toilet just to let her know
  10. Reading halfway through a book and then not following through
  11. Instantly getting crushes on people
  12. Holding onto your resentments for just a liiiiitle too long
  13. Denying that you're mildly lactose intolerant
  14. Denying that you have mild springtime allergies
  15. Calling your mom almost every day
  16. Never throwing away things that you don't use or need
  17. Cutting/dying your hair whenever you're going through a life change
  18. Having very sweaty and smelly feet
    An actual medical symptom. Sorry people.