tag urself i'm all of them
  1. Bite my nails
  2. Rarely apologize first
  3. Too prideful
    Related to the apologizing
  4. Crack my neck too often
  5. Overreact
  6. Sometimes get ingrown hairs in bikini zone and back of calves
  7. Romanticize everything
  8. Forget to brush my teeth sometimes
  9. Overthink
  10. Perhaps too reliant on dry shampoo
  11. Easily distracted
  12. Not punctual
  13. Ankle pronation
  14. Absolutely do NOT respond well to constructive criticism
    Or criticism of any kind
  15. Watch too much TV
  16. Talk too much
  17. Ruminate over stupid problems
  18. Extremely high pitched voice
    I sound like a baby
  19. Claim I don't have time when I do, I just don't care enough