1. Starbucks
    Yes, they have Starbucks in Germany but not in the town I live in! Plus, when they do have them in bigger cities, the menu is approx. three drinks. Not my kinda Starbucks.
  2. David's Delicatessen
    The only good thing about my hometown (New Buffalo, MI), besides the taco stand that is next in this list. I will enjoy a damn good latte and a Rueben here. I can't wait! This deli is my religion.
  3. Rio's (New Buffalo, MI)
    I will eat corn tortilla chicken tacos with everything + avocados and hot sauce! Yesssss! Horchata? YESSSS
  4. Buffalo Wild Wings Burrito (Ann Arbor, MI)
    Specifically, the one in Ann Arbor on State Street. This place is the WOOOORST, I swear. But I love their wings, even when they take an hour to come to the table.
  5. Frita Batidos Burrito (Ann Arbor, MI)
    Cuban fusion burgers with spicy chorizo!! Make it loco~ I want garlic fries and a lime batido! I want twice-fried plantains!!!!!
  6. The Pastry Peddler Burrito (Ann Arbor, MI)
    Breakfast pasty. That's it.
  7. BTB Burrito (Ann Arbor, MI)
    After I get legally drunk :D
  8. Panini Panini (Michigan City, IN)
    The bougiest place in a 50 mile radius. Love it!
  9. Lollapalooza food stands
    Gimme dat lobster corn dog. Gimme dat mango berry sticky rice. Gimme dat watermelon juice!!!!