I've been in Germany for 2 months and have noticed huge price differences!
  1. Food: Germany
    Food is SO cheap!! Eating out, you can get a full meal for 5€ and a multi-course meal with wine for no more than 15€. Groceries are also insanely inexpensive - a full week of groceries with all food groups present is approx 12€.
  2. Alcohol: Germany
    The local beer costs .80€ per bottle. My housemate thinks 5€ is too much to drop on wine.
  3. Clothes: US
    Even places that are "cheap" like TJ Maxx are more expensive in Germany compared to their US counterparts. Maybe this is why Europeans are so stylish?? Clothes are too expensive so they just buy really classic pieces that will go a long way??
  4. Rent: Germany
    In fairness, I live in a REALLY expensive US city (Ann Arbor, MI). Still, my German rent is 230€ per month - I share a beautiful flat, have my own room and bathroom. My US rent is $700 w/o utilities, our house is old, and my room is attached to the basement. So....
  5. OTC Drugs: US
    I bought German ibuprofen the other day. It was like $10 for 12 tabs - wtf??
  6. Transport: Germany
    In reality, the price is about the same, but your transport expenses have more ~value~ here, since a basic transport card is good for the bus, metro, and regional trains, and they actually run everywhere frequently and efficiently.
  7. Anyways - Germany is a pretty cheap place to live! Unless you want to buy clothes or cure an occasional headache.