Inspired by @angela3950
  1. Between the ages of 7-11 my neighborhood gang and I loved to "explore"
  2. "Exploration" = "trespassing"
  3. Mainly, we would break into the garden of a house in our neighborhood that was always empty.
    It was a Chicagoan's second home, and even in the summer no one was there.
  4. The backyard had two gazebos, a manmade river with a tiny bridge, and was usually disastrously overgrown.
  5. There was also a pond that was shaped like a jelly bean with a tiny stone fairy hut.
  6. We would pretend that the pond was full of invisible, magical jelly beans that only we could see.
  7. We called this place Jelly Bean Pond and would constantly break in.
  8. We were never caught!! Literally never!
    We also would break in to this house that was built and on the market for forever. We just loved trespassing??? The house was cool tho, it was all set up and we would just hang in the living room and use their bathrooms like NBD.
  9. @ninachainz (one of my fellow trespassing neighborhood gang members) actually gifted me a bracelet this Christmas with JBP and the latitude and longitude engraved on it.