1. I ❤️ HRC
    Actually a bumper sticker.
  2. Tiny black ghost with skeptical eyes
  3. Hermione with flowers
  4. Coffee cup that says "but first, coffee"
  5. @mindy as Kelly Kapoor saying "I have a lot of questions: Number one, how dare you?"
    A Christmas gift from my best friend.
  6. Young Obama smoking weed
  7. Bottle of Chill Pills
  8. Leuven, Belgium tourist souvenier
  9. Swedish Royal Crown holograph
  10. [M] International Studies
    My major
  11. Co-ops Ann Arbor logo
    Relic from my summer living in a bright blue socialist haven
  12. Comet Coffee
  13. European Union ribbon
  14. Skydiving man
    Cut from the bumper sticker I received after going skydiving
  15. "Where the hoes, where the weed, where the cheese at?"
  16. "First off, let me say I'm drunk off of shitty wine."