1. Make lists! Here for entertainment, in my beautiful planners for practicality.
  2. Learn languages
    I'm currently learning German and Italian. I'm in Germany for the summer and a lot of my coworkers are Italian, so I'm self-studying both languages! It is the most satisfying thing to do TBH.
  3. Knit
    I haven't found time to knit in a while :/ but I love to make gifts for other people and myself!
  4. Tweet
    Follow me for the #truth
  5. Exercise?!
    I don't do this enough, but when I get in the habit I feel so good!!! I immediately start thinking more positively about my body and appearance, and I love to push myself and feel like I've accomplished something.
  6. Cook my own food/make my own snacks
    Even cutting up some cheese and an apple is super satisfying.
  7. Lay in the sun
    I don't do this nearly enough because I'm pasty af and afraid of the sun, but I love relaxin'