Not exhaustive
  1. Passed my classes!
  2. Wrote a thesis!
    (Almost finished at least!)
  3. Ran an organization and improved it!
    MJIA, my great love ❤
  4. Fallen in love
    People fight me on this phrasing but I stand by it
  5. Been heartbroken
    Still :')
  6. Toughed it out (sorta) with only a little drama because I see him all the time yay me
  7. Made new friends
    A surprise, given it's my last year and I didn't plan on it
  8. Lost some friends
    Life happens. (Clarification: They didn't die)
  9. Got second place in trivia
  10. Went to NOLA
  11. Spent too much money
  12. Drank just enuf
    Coffee, booze etc
  13. Made a plan for ~life~
  14. Struggled with mental health but pushed through
  15. Grew out my hair :')