1. Poured a bottle of red wine into a purple Powerade bottle so I could drink outside at a film fest
  2. Hid a bottle of wine in a thermos so I could drink at a university-sponsored drag show
  3. Poured cheap vodka over a half finished water bottle of gin and tonic
  4. Accidentally spilled an entire bottle of wine over a guy's white sheets
  5. Taken a shot of vodka/gin mixture that had been sitting in a water bottle since Halloween
  6. Codenamed every romantic interest, relevant or irrelevant.
  7. Vomited in the library
    In the bathroom!
  8. Vomited on a metra
    Not in the bathroom. In Belgium.
  9. Swallowed my own vomit on the subway.
    In Belgium.
  10. Ordered so much sushi takeout I told the lady I needed two sets of chopsticks
  11. Gained 15 pounds.
    Whatever TBH.