Things That Taste Like My Childhood

Inspired by @kate81
  1. Fruity Pebbles
    Still so good.
  2. Open-faced Tuna Melts
    The cheese should be browned more than this photo through, FYI
  3. Cranberry sauce from a can
    On chicken or mashed potatoes, or just eaten with a spoon.
  4. Banana soup (banana cereal)
    Literally just a cut-up banana in milk.
  5. Cream of wheat (chocolate or plain)
    Any time I took one of those state-administered, we-tell-you-it's-important-but-it's-actually-not-because-you're-in-the-third-grade standardized tests, my mom made me this to help me prepare.
  6. Kids' coffee
    90% milk, 8% sugar, 2% actual coffee.
  7. Fruit by the Foot
    Someone donated like 800 boxes to my elementary/middle school and for YEARS we would pretend to go to the bathroom and then just sneak into the school kitchen to eat as FbtF as we could in a believable bathroom break time.
  8. Triangle tater tots
    The king of the hot lunch lbvs.